I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend; the whole occasion was a very special experience for me. I had heard people speak glowingly of the Strokestown Poetry Festival before but having experienced myself I can truly appreciate what a unique occasion it really is. I certainly hope to be back! Yourself and the committee made us very welcome and the festival is a credit to you. To be in the presence of some many wonderful poets was a special treat. Wishing you every further success.

Seosamh Ó Murchú

Harlan and I had an unforgettable weekend at the wonderful poetry festival. Thank you and your committee for your warm welcome to us both. It was a pleasure and an honour to be on the Strokestown shortlist. Thank you, again.


The festival was everything we expected, and more. Now, with the passing of time, I can only think of Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz: ‘ But it wasn’t a dream. It was a place. And you, and you, and you, and you were there…’ !

Jim Maguire

Fáilte agus fichid! It was my pleasure, and lovely to meet you. I came home after your festival exhilarated. Hoping to get there again soon, as a supporter, participant, or whatever. The festival deserves its great reputation.


Well done to you and the whole committee for organizing such a unique event, I could see it was the culmination of a huge volume of work. We met some great people there whom I hope to see again!


I’ve been telling everyone what a wonderful festival it is!

Pete Mullineaux

Thanks is due to you and all the Strokestown team for organising a fantastic weekend. Our only mistake was in not getting there earlier!! The very best of luck and look forward to getting back to your wonderful Festival of Poetry. It was just great to mix and meet all the people and make new friends.

Liam Ryan

We really enjoyed the festival, and were reminded once again of how outstanding is its lovely combination of informality and respect for the poetry. 30+ people at 10 am, in a small village (sorry, don’t shoot, town!) to listen to poets who are not big names, is a very big achievement. You and the committee have done great work, and we were delighted to have participated.

Paddy Bushe

Thanks so much – I had a wonderful time and was threatening not to go home – it was a real high point for me to be included on the shortlist with such distinguished poets and I know that in the future I’ll look back at that weekend as the origin of some wonderful opportunities.


I had the great pleasure of attending your festival on Sunday morning. Thank you so much for bringing such a wonderful event to this area.

Anne Maxwell

The atmosphere at Strokestown was just lovely, people wanting to encourage and be encouraged. Hey, what a garden! It must be extraordinary in midsummer.

Tom McCarthy