Leland Bardwell RIP

Leland Bardwell was a friend of Strokestown Poetry Festival, having read and visited the festival on several occasions. She will be sadly missed in the Literary Community and we offer condolences to her family and friends.

Obituary for Leland Bardwell
by Leland Bardwell
Lea-land – there was no shelter there; 
no shelter from the cutting North.
So she went North into the brume. 
For a while the new broom swept clean 
but then the ashes of her bed
soon turned to rust
And there was cold.
The earth was a frozen lump.
North again she went into the further
doom where the map ends
and she remembered the South
where the strollers were
like Mandarin figures on a Chinese silk;
“Have I come too far?” she asked
an old man making masks.
But he was waspish and unkind;
he answered not but pointed with skinny hand 
to Lea-land – there was no shelter there.





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